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Govt. Siddha Medical College

Government Siddha Medical College, is one of the fine institutions in Tamil Nadu providing enriched education in Indian medicine. Being blossomed on 30th November, 1964, we are now at the verge of celebrating our Golden jubilee. Our college is affiliated with Tamil Nadu Dr M.G.R Medical University and recognized by Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), New Delhi.

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India has a wide range of ancient traditional medicine. It is well known that the culture of TAMIL is the ancient of all civilization and hence many historians say Tamil civilization is the CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION. All known cultures and civilizations of the past – Egyptian, Babylonian, Jewish, Greek, Indus -Valley etc – had their own equally glorious and useful systems of medicine and health care.


The Siddha system of medicine has its own philosophy, vast pharmacopoeia, diagnostic methods and med-care concepts. According to Siddha all things in this universe including human body are composed of five basic elements (Pancha bhutam) namely, earth, water, fire, air and vacuum (sky). The creation initiates as a single cell leading to cell division.There is a balanced condensation.


Health depends on the presence of a balanced state of the total body matrix including the balance of doshas, thadhus, malam and atma. Both the intrinsic and extrinsic factors can cause disturbance in the natural equilibrium giving rise to disease. The derangement of vaatam-pittam-kapam can happen by dietary indiscrimination, seasonal abnormalities, undesirable habits.


We thrive to provide a better education, that just not stop with texts, but transforms into actions










Thotrakirama Aaraaichiyum Siddha Maruthuva varalaarum

This Subject deals with the Basic & Fundamental Principles of Siddha system of medicine.

Gunapadam-Mooligai, Thaathu-Jeeva Vaguppu (Materia Medica)

Gunapadam – plays a vital role in our Siddha system. It is one of the major departments of Siddha. This subject includes Mooligai, Thathu and Jeeva vaguppu.

Noi Naadal and Noi Mudhal Naadal

Noi Nadal & Noi Muthal Naadal (Pathology) is the scientific study of the Nature of diseases, its causes, processes, development and consequences.

Sattam Saarntha Maruthuvamum Nanju Maruthuvamum

The applied use of medical knowledge or practice, especially pathology, to the purposes of the law, as in determining the cause of death also called medical jurisprudence in legal medicine.

Udal Thathuvam

Udal Thathuvam (Physiology) is the fascinating branch of science which deals with the functioning of living systems in a human body.

Udal Koorugal

Udal Koorugal (Anatomy) is the study of form, ‘Anatomy’ meaning ‘to dissect’. This branch of Science deals with the structure of the human body .